Evaluation of the body conformation traits by system FleckScore and its relationship to longevity of Slovak Simmental cows

Eva Strapákova, Ivan Pavlík, Peter Strapák, Juraj Candrák


Article Details: Received: 2020-10-28 | Accepted: 2020-11-27 | Available online: 2021-01-31


The study is focused to analyse of the relationship between composite type traits evaluated by new system Fleckscore and functional length of productive life in the Slovak Simmental cows. All cows was scored in the first parity just because 85% data were censored. The score of frame, feet and legs, muscularity and udder was between 68 and 93 points.The lowest risk of culling was found for muscularity (0.591) at the group scored between 84 and 93 points,for udder (0.879) and feet and legs (0.751) scored between 77 - 79 points and for frame (0.816) at the score 80 points. Rate of culled cows on first or second parity was 15 %. Within this group, diseases and fertility disorders (involuntary culling) represented 23 % culling cows.

Keywords: body conformation trait, FleckScore, longevity, survival analysis


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