Evaluation of the growth performance and some blood parameters in broilers with the addition of humic substances in the diet

Pavel Naď, Andrej Marcin, Lukáš Bujňák, Magdaléna Skalická, Soňa Gancarčíková


Article Details: Received: 2020-10-21 | Accepted: 2020-11-27 | Available online: 2021-01-31


The effect of the administration of two humic preparations on a selected production and biochemical parameters were monitored in an experiment with broiler chickens of the Cobb 500 breed. There were not observed statistically significant differences between the control group and the experimental groups in the achieved average live weight and the feed conversion ratio in the 37-day experiment. The statistically significant differences (P˂0.001 and P˂0.05) were between the content of calcium, phosphorus and chlorides in the blood of the control group compared to the experimental groups. As for magnesium in the blood, we did not find significant differences (P≥0.05) between the groups. As far as the parameters of the energy profile are concerned, the content of glucose and cholesterol was statistically significantly higher in the control group in comparison with the experimental groups (P˂0.05). The concentrations of triglycerides were statistically significantly higher in the experimental groups (P≤0.05, resp. 0.01, resp. 0.001) compared to the control group.

Keywords: nutrition, humic substances, production, blood, broilers



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