The impact of somatic cell count on milk yield and composition

Kristína Tvarožková, Vladimír Tančin, Michal Uhrinčať, Lucia Mačuhová, Šimon Mikláš


Article Details: Received: 2020-10-15 | Accepted: 2020-11-27 | Available online: 2021-01-31

The aim of this work was to clarify impact of somatic cell count (SCC) on milk yield and its composition. The experiment was realized on one dairy farm with Tsigai breed. Totally 252 milk samples from 84 ewes (on their first and second lactation) were analysed. Milk samples within regular test recording day from the whole udder were collected during lactation in April, June and July. On the basis of SCC the samples were divided into the SCC groups: first <200 × 103; second ≥200 <400 × 103; third ≥400 <600 × 103;  fourth ≥600 <1000 × 103; fifth ≥1000 × 103 to see the effect of SCC at the level of regular milk recording test day. The same SCC groups were used for distribution of the lactation means of somatic cell score (SCS) for evaluation of the effect of SCC at the level of whole lactation. Total milk yield per lactation was affected SCS per lactation (P=0.0089). In each month of sampling we observed decrease content of lactose at the level of test day (P<0.001) and at the level of lactation (P=0.001) with increase of SCC. The increase content of protein we detected with increase of SCC at the level of test days (P=0.0281) and decline per lactation (P=0.0452). In content of fat we did not find out change in relation with increase of SCC in regular milk recording test days and per lactation also. The analyses suggest that SCC negatively impact on milk yield and milk composition and SCC should be in high attention of dairy practice.


Keywords: somatic cell count, milk yield, milk composition



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