The effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae additive to cattle ration on milk yield of dairy cows

Ivan Imrich, Štefan Čopík, Eva Mlyneková, Juraj Mlynek, Peter Haščík, Tomáš Kanka


Article Details: Received: 2020-10-06 | Accepted: 2020-11-27 | Available online: 2021-01-31

This research aimed to evaluate the effect of live yeast additive to cattle ration on milk yield of dairy cows. The research was conducted on a dairy farm, on a sample of 265 dairy cows during winter. The dairy cows were fed with a feed containing live yeast of Saccharomyces cerevisiae species (CNCM I-1077). The dosage was 2.1010 Milk yield and the components of milk were monitored for a three-month-long period – starting one month before the supplementation of yeast to feed and ending two months after. The addition of live yeast to cattle ration had a significant positive impact already in the first month on milk yield (+1.25, and the amount of fat (+0.055, protein (+0.057, lactose (+0.056 and milk solids (+0.170 contained in milk (p<0.001). The general conclusion of the experiment is, that the Saccharomyces cerevisiae additive had an apparent positive impact on milk yield and milk components.

Keywords: dairy cows, live yeast, milk yield


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