Morphological changes of reproductive organs during egg formation of autochthonous Oravka hens

Cyril Hrnčár, Emília Hanusová, Anton Hanus, Dariusz Kokoszyński, Dorota Banaszewska, Terézia Hegerová, Jozef Bujko


Article Details: Received: 2020-11-01 | Accepted: 2020-11-27 | Available online: 2021-01-31

In this study we investigated the changes of reproductive organs and duration of egg formation in autochthonous Oravka hens. The changes of ovary and oviduct in defferent time were investigated on 66 hens at the top of the laying. Reproductive organs have to change their weight and morphological structure depending on the dynamics of egg formation. From ovulation to laying the ovary weight increased from 47.29 to 51.55 g, oviduct weight from 71.89 to 76,31 g. Oviduct length varied from 67.39 to 68.51 g, thee functional parts were changed depending on their activity. Length of the individual oviduct parts was – infundibulum from 3.46 to 3.59 cm, magnum 36.89 to 39.98 cm, isthmus 8.87 to 10.78 cm, uterus from 10.39 to 11.97 cm and vagina from 4.89 to 5.41 cm.  

Keywords: Oravka, hen, egg formation, ovary, oviduct 


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