Fatty acid composition of Baranjski kulen from two diverse production systems

Ivona Djurkin-Kušec, Miodrag Komlenić, Marina Krvavica, Vladimir Margeta, Kristina Gvozdanović, Žarko Radišić, Goran Kušec


Received: 2018-05-07 | Accepted: 2018-05-14 | Available online: 2018-11-26
https://doi.org/10.15414/afz.2018.21.04.152-154The aim of the present study was to compare the fatty acid composition of dry fermented sausage made from Crna slavonska pig and modern hybrids reared in diverse production systems. The study was performed on Baranjski kulen, a traditional PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) labelled sausage. Baranjski kulen produced from pigs included in the study differed in their fatty acid profile, with kulen made from Crna slavonska pigs having a higher content of MUFA, lower content of PUFA and a more favourable PUFA/SFA ratio. The results of the present study demonstrate that meat originating from breeds raised in specific production system affects the fatty acid composition as one of the major determinants of nutritional product quality.


Keywords:  autochthonous breed, fatty acids, nutritional quality, pigs


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