Genetic variability within the Polish population of red fox (Vulpes vulpes) – preliminary results

Magdalena Zatoń-Dobrowolska, Anna Mucha, David Morrice, Heliodor Wierzbicki, magdalena Moska, Piotr Przysiecki, Maciej Dobrowolski, Wojciech Kruszyński, Bożena Marszałek-Kruk


Red fox (Vulpes vulpes) represents family Canidae and is a very common predator in Poland. Foxes are present throughout all the country in a different geographical regions and habitats. The analyzed dataset consisted of 130 red foxes (Vulpes vulpes). There were 24 microsatellite sequences studied. The observed (HO) and expected (HS) heterozygosities were comparable within respective loci. The low genetic diversity of the population was found.

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